Being A


The Publishers could be an individual website owner or business entity that earns commissions for referring sales, leads, and traffic to an advertiser by placing affiliate marketing advertisements such as links and banners on their websites. And your earn commissions from promoting affiliate programs on your websites or blogs for converting your traffic into referrals for advertisers.

Customized Monetizing Method For Publishers

As we have mentioned before, the team spirit of Linkknows is the inspiration. Our team is dedicated to not only offering a more professional service, but also a customized monetization method for each publisher. As the diversity of digital marketing due to the fast development of it, it is not easy to satisfy the publishers with only one monetization method. Linkknows realized this point and we have been inspired to create a customized method for publishers who have different requirements.

An Interesting Journey Full With Efficiency

In Linkknows, we have a professional team that not only solves your problems on your account, also the team spends a lot of time testing and optimizing the customized monetization for each publisher. We predict the problems you may have and have already find out the most proper method for those problems. We have genius staff in our teams, both in tech team and account managers, you will find that it is very interesting to work with us, you will find the journey is full of interesting and efficiency.